---La fine del nuovoLa fine del nuovoLa fine del nuovo
Waiting for nothing in particularabsolutely Nothing<Zone d'ombrapretty is boringDanger - 80's exhibition 2013 LodiCinque dipinti d'acqua tra Adda e Po.Angolo21 exhibition 2013 MilanoReality is a prison paintingMemories - Rebus Naturae 2013Future is today 2013Utitled 2012Life begins when fear ends 2012Collage 2012History is a Dream 2012 a tiny part of this big world, galleria artra 2011Poster n.23 White on whitePoster n.22 Television is evil La voce delle cose - Lucca 2010 Fuori dalle mura  Fuori dalle mura Fuori dalle mura I hate food - 2008 big yellow - 2010 Romeo and Juliet - 2010